“Our 28 year old home needed some work. We wanted to freshen up the look and feel of our home. After Century Bay Builders renovated our Master Bathroom we knew that we could count on them to provide an exceptional product and service. We then expanded the scope of our project to include the Kitchen, all bathrooms, first floor and master suite. As a result of their quality craftsmanship, we now have a NEW home! Century Bay Builders provided us with project orientation and design services, which allowed us to be a part of the project. Their responsiveness and continual feedback has exceeded our expectations. We know that CBB will always be there for us when we need them.” Ed & Rene N.

“A belated thank you to you and your team for the great job on our basement project. Our family is very pleased with the results and really have enjoyed our leisure time in our fully finished basement including serving bar, office, entertainment area and bathroom. You and your team delivered as promised with high quality work, timely completion and a top-notch crew. We would fully recommend Century Bay Builders to friends needing building or renovation services.” George & Kristin S.

“Our house is about 20 years old and was in need of some updating. Century Bay previously did a great job finishing our basement and remodeling our kitchen. We decided our upstairs bathrooms were next on the list. For example, our master bath was spacious, but divided in a way that made it feel much smaller than it really was. Natural light was limited to the outermost part of the bathroom, and an older Jacuzzi we rarely used took up way too much space. Century Bay worked closely with us and an interior designer, to understand our needs and present options that achieved the look, feel and functionality we wanted while working within our budget. Our master bath is now wide open, airy, and full of light. Beautiful furniture-like cabinets, a classic but modern deep soaking tub, and heated tile floor make it a place in which we love to spend time. Everyone at Century Bay from the owner, to our project manager, to the trades people on the job were courteous and reliable. We always knew we could count on them to do what they said they would do. The quality of Century Bay's work is the best, and has always exceeded our expectations. We never worried for a minute whether or not the result would be top notch, or if there would be unresolved issues. They've always delivered for us.” Russell & Carol M.

“Our kitchen was showing signs of wear, and the original design was just terrible. We decided to go ahead with remodeling. At the same time we thought the opportunity to update some other areas would be wise. We remodeled 2 bathrooms, and added a wine cellar, and exercise room. Also, another major issue for us was a material called Drivit or EIFS, which is synthetic stucco. This surface was on about 80% of the exterior of our home. Over the years we were beginning to experience some moisture issues with it and decided to remove it and go with a more traditional surface. The Drivit/EIFS problem turned out to be much bigger than I anticipated. Removing it revealed several areas of major mold formation. You discovered this problem, and after recommending a course of action, replaced all the materials that were damaged. If this problem was not found, the potential health risk was great. During construction we were faced with unforeseen problems. Revealing those problems was sometimes more difficult to get to the source. 

 You were as determined as I was to get to the sources and repair them so that I would never have the same issue again. This involved getting a subcontractor at a moment's notice to provide services that were not anticipated. Unforeseen problems sometimes happen at 7:00am on a Sunday morning. Not only did you get here within 30 minutes, but also you were fully prepared to get to the source no matter what it took. As the project continued, we added many things and you were able to coordinate it all with the subcontractors well. All of the subcontractors were very nice and coordinated the project well considering the size of the job and the large number of professionals involved. This coordinating process is where the project can become a complete disaster for the family. 

One of the best outcomes of this project is that the house is now watertight and mold free. I also have a functional kitchen that now has enough storage for all of my kitchen supplies, when before my things were in 3 different rooms. I have a bathroom that is capable to accommodate my elderly parents, if necessary. The exercise room has been biggest improvement, and everyone just loves it. The wine cellar is large enough double as a walk in refrigerator for our many large family parties, and the occasional hot flash.” Chris & Peg B.

 “We wanted to enlarge the family bathroom and add more features. The previous space was dated and uninteresting and frankly we avoided using it as much as possible!! You did a good job of listening to my ideas and improving upon them. We have a beautiful new bathroom that meets our needs with design features that make the whole house more exciting and comfortable. We now look forward to using a space that was previous avoided. The completion of the project has brought a new dimension to our home. I was impressed with the teamwork and the smooth hand-offs between the different people involved at different stages of the project, from the design work through to selection of materials and scheduling of the trade work, there were a lot of different people involved but the communication always flowed smoothly. I was impressed with the quality of the workmanship and also the reference to source quality materials. The Century Bay Builders team is very high quality and thorough, they are very professional, friendly and personable and maximize use of the customer's valuable time. They really know the business and make excellent suggestions for a strong final result that is on time, no surprises on budget, highly functional, and beautiful. We absolutely want to do more projects with Century Bay!” Peggy M. & Peter R.
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